Six tips for staying on track this Canada Day

Celebrate this summer, while staying on plan.
Published July 7, 2019

Worried about sticking to your Points budget over the upcoming holiday? By following these six tips you’ll find that staying on track this Canada Day has never been easier or tasted so good!

1. Grill like a ZeroPoint pro

What do shrimp, lobster, fish, chicken breasts, tofu, and veggies have in common? They’re all grill-ready ZeroPoint foods, perfect for a memorable Canada Day barbecue. To keep the points low (and prevent food from sticking), brush the grill with a neutral oil before placing the food on the grill. Smaller foods such as shrimp, cubed tofu, and vegetables, should be skewered or cooked in a grill basket so that they don’t fall through the grate.

2. Stick to a single serving

You probably don’t eat baby back ribs, potato salad, and ice cream sandwiches every single day, but if there’s ever a reason to enjoy classic picnic fare it’s at a Canada Day celebration! Keep portions on the small side so you can enjoy a small portion of all your favourites and try to fill at least half your plate with ZeroPoint foods.

3. Bulk up your meal with 0 Points sides

If there was ever a season for delicious 0 Points sides, summer would be it. Grocery stores, farmers markets and roadside stands offer an abundance of fresh, locally grown produce so there’s no better time to get creative with barbecue classics. Fresh fruit salsa, pico de gallo, salads, fruit platters, crudites, and slaws are only a handful of crowd-friendly sides you can make entirely out of ZeroPoint foods.

4. Avoid sugary cocktails

To avoid an accidental Points overload (and to skip the hangover) give sugary cocktails a miss this Canada Day. Instead of sugar-heavy drinks such as piña coladas, blended margaritas and tequila sunrises (which can be upwards of 16 Points), try opting for a drink made with a 0 Points mixer. Seltzer water, club soda, and unsweetened herbal tea are all good mixers for wine, liquor, and flavoured liqueur. If you prefer a dash of sweetness, try adding muddled fruit and a splash of real fruit juice for extra flavour.

5. Never go to a barbecue hungry

You’ve probably heard it’s better to eat before going grocery shopping because you’re less likely to make unhealthy impulse buys. The same advice applies to picnics, and barbecues. If you show up starving, you’ll be more likely to snack mindlessly, and you’ll be distracted by the social nature of your surroundings. Eating a big salad or bowl of vegetable soup beforehand will keep you temporarily feeling full and will help you pay attention to actual hunger cues as they appear.

6. Keep hydrated

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will keep thirst at bay and will leave you feeling fuller, longer. If you’re indulging in alcoholic beverages, try to alternate every other beverage with a big glass of water. Try adding sliced cucumber, fresh mint, citrus wedges, and frozen berries to jazz up an ordinary glass of water without worrying about added Points.