Reset Your Relationship with Food

Published January 1, 2017

It’s never too late to re-route your thinking when it comes to healthy eating, then set a good example for the whole family

So much of the way we feel about food is established when we’re young – perhaps you were told you couldn’t leave the table until you cleaned your plate? Luckily, it’s easy to reset your thinking to adopt a healthier relationship with food. And if your kids are still at home, you’ll be teaching them how to build a positive relationship with food, too.

Don’t use food as a reward

Hard day at work? Resist the temptation to indulge because you’ve ‘earned it’. The same applies to using food as a trophy; don’t promise treats to your kids in return for good behaviour.

Food is not the focus

It plays a big part in our family celebrations, but food is not the main focus. Getting together, chatting with friends and relatives, and having fun are more important.

Use me-sized portions

No one in your family is the same size, so don’t put the same amount on their plates. Give everyone a portion suitable for their age, height and weight – including you.

Make more of mealtimes

Get the whole family involved in a meal you cook from scratch – you’re never too young to learn how to cook a healthy meal. Set your table to make sitting down together more appealing. Clear away clutter, ban phones, then focus on your food and each other.

Be healthy, not hungry

Try not to get obsessed with what the scales say. But if your clothes are feeling too tight, then move a bit more, check your portion sizes and ask for support from your Leader or fellow members if you need it.