Make Your Meetings Matter

The power of community is especially strong when it comes to losing weight. See how WW meetings can help.
Published September 15, 2017

People power has always been a cornerstone of the program; gathering regularly with other like-minded people is what helped Jean Nidetch, the founder of Weight Watchers®, to lose weight and keep it off. She recognized that the encouragement, ideas, and accountability acted like glue, helping members stick with the program.

Nowadays, of course, you can meet IRL (in real life) at your meeting—or virtually: online, via Connect, download the WW Mobile app for iPhone and Android to post and search for specific hashtags and members. Each way to be a WW member has its advantages! Meetings offer a few extra:

Real-life Success Stories! Your meeting room team has lost weight following Weight Watchers, so they can share we-did-it insights and skills.

Accountability. There's power in (confidentially) weighing in, and then discussing the results with your meeting room team, who can cheer or troubleshoot with you right there at the scale. 

Community. As you'll see in your Weekly, you'll learn new techniques together, share tips and pointers, and get motivated. The dynamic of doing it with other people at the same place and time can't be beat.

Time for yourself. Your meeting is a wonderful way to practise self-care, and put yourself first.

Your own success! The more meetings you come to, the more likely you are to lose weight on plan. Members who attend at least 12 of 24 meetings are 11.2 times more likely to reach their 5 per cent weight loss goal at 6 months and 15.5 times more likely to reach their 10 per cent weight loss at 6 months compared to those who attended fewer meetings.