Kellie and Ashlie

Published May 3, 2019 | Updated November 2, 2022

Mom and daughter Kellie (left) and Ashlie (right)

In 1996, Kellie joined WeightWatchers, got to goal. Thinking she could do it on her own, she left WW and had a regain, plus some. It was in 2018 that her daughter (and best friend) Ashlie said to her, “Mom, why don’t you go join WeightWatchers because it worked for you before and you enjoyed it.”

Kellie rejoined, and ever her cheerleader, Ashlie sat in on some of the Workshops to support her mom through the early stages of the journey. By sitting in on some of the Workshops, Ashlie, “Saw how following the WW program truly leads you to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Ashlie, a full-time mom, says, “I was content with where my weight was and how I looked, mostly because I had tried everything to lose the extra weight and it wasn’t going anywhere.” Sitting in on Workshops Ashlie says, “I could see success in the room, but more importantly how well it was working for my mom. I was still struggling to lose those last 15 lbs after having my children. I knew joining WW for myself would get me there and keep me there.”

Kellie and Ashlie are very close. “My mom and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember,” says Ashlie. And their closeness is reflected in the support they offer to one another on their shared wellness journey.

“Working the program together has been beneficial because we attend Workshops together weekly and often share different tips and tricks to make the program more successful for us.” Says Kellie. In fact, they even go to a few weekly fitness classes together.

Check out our Q&A interview with Kellie and Ashlie

WW: How do you inspire each other?

Kellie: We inspire each other by telling each other to never give up, to follow out dreams and that’s to live a healthier life.

Ashlie: I know for me, I look at my mom and see how far she has come, how good she looks and feels, and it inspires me to keep going.

WW: How have you supported each other during the tough times on the journey?

Kellie: Positive reinforcement, always encouraging each other to keep going and reminders of how well the program works when you follow it.

Ashlie: I feel tough times have been during the holidays for me. My mom and I will discuss better options for the meals, and one of us will make a WW-friendly dessert to ensure we are not tempted to blow a week’s worth of points in one meal. If one of us has a had a bad week we encourage the other to keep going and make sure we don’t miss our Workshop. Even if we choose not to weigh in, just being there helps with getting back on track.

WW: what do you think is key to success on the program?

Kellie: Workshops, definitely the Workshops. I know from my past that I need the weekly weigh-ins and the support of my Tuesday morning Workshop group.

Ashlie: My weekly Workshops. I love our Wellness Coach and the support of the WW family. The Workshops are so informative, I enjoy the new challenge that are thrown at us and hearing others’ tips and new recipes.

WW: What is your favourite WW tool?

Kellie: The app. I love how easy it is to track my Points.

Ashlie: The barcode scanner. This tool makes tracking food so much quicker and definitely helps when grocery shopping. I find myself quickly putting products down that I once considered a healthy option.

WW: What’s your favourite ZeroPoint food?

Kellie: Chicken. And 0% Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries.

Ashlie: Plain 0% Greek yogurt; it’s so versatile and a staple for my breakfast routine.

WW: How do you celebrate each other?

Kellie: We celebrate each other by always being positive and telling each other how proud we are of each other.

Ashlie: During our weight loss journey, we would set small, reachable goals for each other. Once reached we would treat ourselves to a nice meal or a shopping trip. Now that we are both lifetime members, I’m questioning why we don’t continue these celebrations, especially because I find maintaining is tougher than losing and definitely needs to be celebrated!