Just Watch Me

We gathered six Weight Watchers Members from across the country to share their stories.
Published August 22, 2017

Joining Weight Watchers is more than just about losing weight; it’s about what you get when you make a healthy lifestyle change. From community, to healthy habits, to a newfound outlook on activity, Weight Watchers provides the foundation for a meaningful lifestyle change.

We gathered six Weight Watchers members from across the country to share a meal and tell their stories of how their lives have changed, since joining.

No food is off limits

Mieke, a member since 2012 shared some of her biggest surprises since being on the program; “[For me] it was the ability to still be able to eat some of my favourite foods. Not walking away being hungry from the choices that I have made was really eye opening. And I also love that it really took a kind of holistic view -  kind of mind, body, spirit, in a way - but food, exercise, activity, and mindset to be able to focus on all of those things, versus just losing weight.”

The holistic approach is something Nalini, a returning member, appreciates about the program.  “I liked that it’s an actual lifestyle change as a whole. It’s actually doable - you can incorporate it into your lifestyle.”

Kelly, a leader, and member since her teens, thinks back to her first feelings of the program. “I always assumed that Weight Watchers was going to be like a diet, like I would have to eat lettuce every day, but it wasn’t like that at all. It was about healthy foods. I really started to learn more about the benefits of eating healthy foods; and with whole, healthy foods, you feel a lot better.”

The power of community

One of the main reasons Weight Watchers works is the community it fosters, whether you are a meetings member, where you form friendships with fellow members, or an online member, where you can use Connect, our exclusive members-only social community, a platform many members turn to for inspiration and advice.

“I think that no one can do this without support,” says Leah, a member since 2014. “I think Connect was one of the most groundbreaking things for Weight Watchers because it brings so many people together to support each other. Whether someone is struggling, or you are having a great week and you just want to celebrate, people are always there no matter what you need. There is always someone to turn to. That was huge for me.”

What’s your why?

One of the most powerful motivating factors to join, and find success on the program is the “why factor.”

Kristin, a leader, and member since 2015 started Weight Watchers for her daughter. “It was time that I set a healthy example for her. Setting a healthy example, for me means being active, and it means eating properly, eating healthy, and just leading a healthy lifestyle  overall.”

A livable program

With Weight Watchers, everything is on the menu. You will have room in the plan for all of your favourites, move a little more each day, and shift your mindset.

“I’m still the same person,” says Danielle, a Weight Watchers member since 2016. “I spend my time the same way and go out with my friends, and I’ve lost 20 lbs. It works and if you follow the program you will succeed.”