How to be an inspiration

Want to make a difference? Why not help inspire others to achieve their own success. Here’s how…
Published March 3, 2017

Show you care: A quick text to ask someone how they’re doing or to offer your help can go a long way in inspiring them to pick themselves up and try again. Being there when they’re having a rough time – or when they have something to celebrate – can make all the difference.

Be enthusiastic: When you’ve got a personal cheerleader, it’s almost impossible to feel uninspired. Help a friend get excited about their journey by scouring cookbooks for the best healthy recipes to cook, suggest trying out a few fun fitness classes together, or just chat to them about all the goals they’re achieving each week.

Stay positive: Constructive criticism can be a good thing, but make sure your comments are positive and not too critical of the person you’re trying to inspire. Even if you don’t mean it to be hurtful, someone who’s in need of a boost could feel attacked and overwhelmed by criticism. Instead of saying, ‘I don’t think that’s the right snack for you,’ try, ‘I learned this great recipe the other day – want to try it with me?’

Lead by example: If you’d like to pump up a friend on their journey, help a family member make the decision to get healthy, or simply be a good role model for your kids or partner, the simplest thing you can do is succeed yourself! When you attend your meeting every week, track all your meals, cook fresh, healthy food from scratch and make an effort to move lots, you’re proving that it can be done. Encourage others to try the same and offer any tips or advice you’ve picked up along the way.