Get into the Team Spirit!

How to Join a Team Sport This Summer.
Published April 18, 2017

Team sports are all the rage in the summer time, but with such a wide array of options, the biggest challenge can be deciding which ones to try.  Ranging from the semi-professional leagues to friendly backyard activities, the perfect way to get fit during the warmer months is to simply try them all, or perhaps more realistically, two or three sports that peak your interest. 

Enter the dragon

Summer team sport commitments tend to be two and a half months and are a great way to dive into season specific activities, such as the dragon boat.  This human-powered watercraft works the upper body with a team of rowers and builds the shoulders, back, and friendships.  But if you aren’t sold on the idea of paddling through water under the hot sun for weeks on end, perhaps a one-day commitment is more your speed. 

Tough it out

The Tough Mudder is one of the many obstacle races that encourage team building in a competitive environment.  Due to the nature of the event, strength and cardio exercise is necessary to assure you can comfortably make it through.  Leading up to the event, weekly training with a team of besties is a good way to get over any fears through mental and physical support.


If you prefer a non-traditional team sport you can do more frequently, laser tag is a great option.  Enjoyable and competitive, players use lasers and infrared-sensitive targets as they ‘exercise’ without trying.  Throw in some good ol’ infantry tactics such as running, dodging, and bending and burn up to 500 calories in one intense round of laser tag. 

Regardless of a one day, one month or one year engagement, the benefits of team sports are vast.  In addition to helping you feel more energized, they strengthen your bones and muscles and lower your blood pressure.  They are also the perfect social outlet to make friends, and release stress.  The best way to approach a new team sport or activity is to do your research online or through trusted sources so you’ll know exactly what to expect.  Once your interest has been peaked, it's time to take the plunge and dive into a summer of fun and activity.