Everything is on the Menu

With Weight Watchers, no food is off limits. Our members dish about all the food they still enjoy on plan.
Published August 23, 2017


"You can eat anything on the program, that’s what’s so great about it, but I do centre my menus generally around lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. I eat a lot of fish, chicken, leafy greens – that’s pretty much my go to. I think what surprised me in the beginning of the whole program was just the amount of protein you could eat in a meal and how low the points were. I started exercising a lot so I needed the protein to keep me energized. I love to cook, I love looking up new recipes, trying new restaurants, trying new foods, so it’s great, there are so many recipes on the Weight Watchers website that I love trying and my family too loves trying new things so it is great.”


“I eat way more fruits and vegetables than I used to, but I haven’t changed my diet dramatically, I just am more aware of how much I am eating or how frequently I am eating but I definitely eat more healthily, more intentionally. I eat a lot of protein and I have definitely amped up how much fruits and vegetables I eat. [I still can] drink wine with friends, or going out and have a big night out for birthdays I absolutely still do that.”


“I always assumed that Weight Watchers was going to be like a diet, so that I would have to give up everything I ever ate I was going to have to eat lettuce and celery and grilled chicken. I didn’t know, really anything about nutrition. I was coming from eating fast food a lot, and a lot of takeout.  I learned a lot about healthy foods. I really started to learn more about the benefits of eating healthy foods, with higher protein and, less processed foods. With whole healthy foods, you feel a lot better. And when you go back to eating fast foods you - they don’t taste the same, so I really learned that mentally and physically it’s a lot better for you.”


I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. I eat a lot of protein; I also have some more snacky foods as well.. But I always try to incorporate salty snacks every day because that is my favourite, so I weigh out chips, or crackers to be able to have a little bit of the things that I love. I also, pick one day a week where we go out and eat. So I don’t limit that, we still go out and have sushi, or burgers, or pizza.