Embrace Optimism

Think positive! A sunnier outlook can help you stay (or get back) on track.
Published August 5, 2016


Orville and Wilbur Wright. J.K. Rowling. Bill Gates. Oprah. If any of these notable people had given up after their first, or third, or 10th setback, none of us would know their names today. Of course, they didn’t give up. They kept going, learning from their failures, and eventually succeeding. The rest, as they say, is history.

Obstacles crop up in every journey, especially with weight loss. And it can be hard to stay positive in the face of them. But the most successful "losers" are the ones who simply refuse to give up. They achieve their goals by persevering, learning from their mistakes, and embracing optimism. 

Negative thinking can hold you up, whether you tend to downplay the good things you’re doing or assume that one slip means disaster. Hey, we’re all prone to negative thinking. The problem is that it can be self-fulfilling. A more effective approach, according to research into what leads to weight-loss success, is confidence and positive thinking coupled with realistic expectations (like accepting the fact that you’re likely to slip a few times, and that it will take time to reach your goal).

Here’s how that might play out: You step on the scale at some point and see a gain, a smaller loss than you expected, or no movement at all. What happens next? Do you beat yourself up and throw in the towel? Or do you look at the big picture and think about how far you've come? Do you take a look back at the week and see where you might make a change? And no matter what, do you get right back on track as soon as possible? Those are ways to apply positive thinking to situations that could trip you up otherwise.

Putting a better spin on things, while accepting the lessons that setbacks can teach, can restore your confidence, keep you motivated, and make your path to success smoother.

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