Connect: the nicest social community around

Our exclusive members-only community is a safe space to share your wellness journey.
Published May 13, 2019

What is Connect, anyway?

Connect is our members-only social community. Think, a social media platform dedicated to WW members and their journey to wellness, with more positivity and support than your average social media platform.

Whether you are a long-time WW member or a #newbie, Connect is the place to be!

This community is a safe space where members share their stories, tips and tricks, recipes, and support each other through their wellness journey.


So, where do I find it?

WW members can access Connect through the WW app, just tap the ‘Connect’ icon on the bottom of the app. The is the best way to engage with Connect by following, posting, or joining a Connect group.

You can also find Connect in My Day on desktop. Here you can follow and like other Connectors posts!


I’m logged in, now what?

Welcome to the Connect community! First things first, let’s give you a tour of the app.

When you first log in, you will be in the ‘Trending’ feed. This is where all the top trending posts live. It’s a great place to start. Take a scroll through to get to know your community.

Next to ‘Trending’ you will see the ‘New’ feed. This is where all the most up-to-date posts will live. This is a great place for meeting new WW members.

Lastly is the ‘Following’ feed. This is where all the posts from the WW members you follow will live. It’s a great space for keeping up with your WW buds.


What are Connect Groups?

Groups are a great way to find WW members who share your interests, life stage, or hobbies. Check out the Find a Group tab in your app to join as many groups as you like!


What hashtags should I use? (also, what is a hashtag anyway?)

Hashtags are a great way to tag your posts with themes that are easily searchable and followed by other members. You can add hashtags to your posts so anyone following that hashtag will see it or choose to follow certain hashtags, so you won’t miss any posts with that hashtag!


Top 5 Connect Hashtags:













OK, but why should I use Connect?

You may be asking yourself, “Do I need another social media network in my life?” We say, yes! Not to toot our own horn, but the WW members on Connect make it the safe, supportive (and funny!) place it is.

By Connecting with your fellow members, you will build your community of support, and gain a group who will cheer you on your wellness journey.