5 ways your friends can boost your get-healthy plans

Published December 21, 2016

How your friendships can be your secret weapon when it comes to being happier, fitter and more motivated.

  1. Identify your support network

Pick positive people to talk to about your plans to eat well and exercise more. Your support network will be there to motivate you and acknowledge your progress and weight-loss achievements, which will help you to reach your goals feeling happy and secure.

  1. Find a like-minded fitness buddy

Having someone to work out with is a huge benefit. Exercising together creates a bond that is more likely to inspire you to show up for your workout and also to push yourself that bit harder – if you choose someone with a similar goal to you, you can spur each other on. It’s true that going for a run is often a great way to get some time alone, so don’t feel you always have to have a running partner, but if you’re struggling to get out there, going with a friend will give you an extra push. 

  1. Club together

Some people find that clubbing together and hiring a personal trainer works well when it comes to getting up and out the door as well as getting clued up about how to exercise in the most effective way for your body. You’ll not only share the costs, but the benefits too. Working out at home? Check out our new fitness hub for some easy workout ideas!

  1. Stay in the positive zone

Some well-meaning friends can sabotage your attempts to stay on track without even realising it. Other friendships can have a naturally competitive edge, so there’s no need to share your healthy eating plans with friends who you suspect might not want you to succeed. Let friends with an optimistic outlook and healthy lifestyle inspire you instead.

  1. Get Hexi-sociable!

Why not form a small group that combines some kind of regular exercise with a catch-up? You’d be surprised how many people just need a little bit of encouragement to get going, and you could be just what they need to boost their confidence too. Mix it up with jogging or walking, or nights out bowling or dancing – and have fun while you get fit.