5 Creative Ways to Fight Cabin Fever

Feeling a little cooped up? Unleash your inner artist!
Published February 22, 2016

So what you’re seeing out your window isn’t exactly an enticing winter wonderland any more. Snow storms, wind chill, and just plain dreary weather can make you want to crawl under the blankets and binge on TV. But when that gets old (and believe us, it will), what’s a better way to channel your pent-up energy than climbing the walls? Here are five entertaining pastimes that’ll keep you and your inner artist occupied when you’re stuck indoors.

1. Grab an adult colouring book and let those pigments fly!
If you’d like to get the benefits of meditation but hate the idea of sitting totally still, then consider colouring. Yes, we’re talking about your kindergartener’s favourite pastime, but this new trend is targeted to grownups. People are going crazy for the intricate, beautiful designs found in “adult colouring books.” Research shows that this simple but mindful activity soothes frayed nerves and provides stress relief. Not sold? Read one former doubter’s experience in The Atlantic. If it’s just the coloured pencils, you’re not into, no prob: Try paint-by-numbers instead. Look at you, Monet!

2. Try knitting. (Yes, really!)
If you’ve been noticing tons of people (young and old) knitting lately, you’re not seeing things. This insightful New York Times article on the crafty trend reports that knitting produces meditative benefits similar to those of yoga and can reduce levels of stress hormones. Pick out your yarn and start crafting.

3. Start an indoor garden.    
You probably already know that plants are great for naturally purifying your air and reducing your stress levels. So pick up some succulents or philodendron plants (or whatever you fancy!) and plan an any-time-of-year garden near a window. Investigate all the options for planters, and give your inner designer free rein. Will you make a hanging globe terrarium? Or are you more into geometric shapes? You’re already having fun!

4. Print and display your Instagram photos.
Your shared social media pics deserve a place to live besides just on your phone! Print them out using a site like Social Print Studio or Foxprint™ and fill your home or workspace with happy memories. Put them in frames, hang them on a string, or just use patterned washi tape to give them the artful display they deserve. The possibilities are endless!

5. Vision boarding    
What do you want? There’s no better time than now to start envisioning your goals and laying the images out beautifully. When you’re creating your board, include details (trinkets, photos, and charms) that represent what makes you happy. Then add pictures of the things that you want physically, emotionally, and even materialistically. You may surprise yourself with how much clarity creating this project gives you—and how motivating the constant, inspiring reminder can be.