30 Ways to Find the Time

Relaxing, recharging, and having fun should be part of every day — they’re as key to success as eating well and moving more. Taking time to do things that make you happy can be good for you.* Mini escapes can make you feel more enriched, energized, and nurtured. Even a few minutes a day can add balance to your life. That in turn lessens the feeling of being stressed and depleted —and the likelihood of overeating.

That’s why we’re encouraging you to free up some minutes in your day. Not sure how to get started? Check out these 30 ideas.

  1. String holiday lights around your patio or deck.
  2. Sit down and send some catch-up texts to your buddies. Staying in touch with your pals is important for your soul.
  3. Post a beautiful pic on Instagram – your holiday décor, your appetizing dinner, and yourself(ie) are all good subjects!
  4. Love organization? Clean out your wallet or purse. This feels so much better than it sounds.
  5. Watch a cute animal video on YouTube. Need suggestions? Start with otters and go from there.
  6. Reserve some books online to read at your local library.
  7. Put your favourite playlist on shuffle and listen to one or two songs that you absolutely love.
  8. Still working on that new language from your Summer TRY? Do some exercises on the app DuoLingo.
  9. Put on a face mask — we love charcoal, egg, and avocado!
  10. Play with your kid or pet! 

  1. Treat yourself to 10 minutes of online shopping… even if it’s just browsing.
  2. Grab yourself a coffee from the local coffee shop and spend some alone time.
  3. Watch a celeb interview on YouTube. So many talk shows post them the day of so you can see your favourites in a short amount of time.
  4. Read four articles on different topics — one lifestyle, one economics, one world news, and one miscellaneous. Feel smart? You should!
  5. Track some meals if you’re behind… or even better, pre-track them!
  6. Get up from your desk and take a walk… to your co-worker’s cubicle, to the park outside, to the coffee shop… don’t stop until you clock 1,500 steps.
  7. Do some yoga stretches. Good ones for feeling refreshed are downward dog, pigeon, child’s pose, happy baby (if you’re alone), and mountain.
  8. Take a 10-minute walk outside after dinner.
  9. Hang up some new photos — either framed or up on your fridge. 

  1. Browse a farmers market in the early morning on a weekend. You’ll skip the crowd, get the best stuff, and enjoy seeing all the beautiful colours together in one place.
  2. Take time to knit your new winter scarf. After several 15-minute breaks, you’ll have something amazing to wear in frigid temps.
  3. Put a TED Talk on YouTube on a topic you either know nothing about or are interested in.
  4. Get a manicure, pedicure, or massage. Lots of places only take 15 minutes!
  5. Do some snack prep for the week, so you’ll have healthy treats on hand Monday through Friday.
  6. Enjoy a drink! Whether it’s a hot tea, delicious cappuccino, or a light cocktail, make it special and savour.
  7. Look up when the next meteor shower is. Then go watch it.
  8. Sit on a park bench and people-watch.
  9. Sort through old clutter — papers you’ve been meaning to throw out, food in the fridge that’s gone bad, or clothes that don’t fit anymore. Set a timer for just 15 minutes so you don’t get too stuck but enough time to actually make a difference.
  10. Colour. Yes, you read that right. Try our Live Life Colourfully book! 

*Sources: Boehm JK, Kubzansky LD. The heart’s content: the association between positive psychological well-being and cardiovascular health. Psychol Bull.2012;138(4):655-691. Lyubomirsky S, Layous K. How do simple positive activities increase well-being? Current Directions in Psychological Science. 2013;22(1):57-62.