11 Ways to Feel Good Right Now

Reward your commitment to healthy weight loss with these instant-gratification pleasures.
Published November 6, 2015

We all know that sensible weight loss should be a gradual process, but there's nothing wrong with wanting an immediate boost. We've come up with a selection of things you can do right this minute to jump-start good feelings all week long.

De-junk your wardrobe
Chuck out items that are shapeless, baggy and dowdy and remind you of the shape you don't want to be. Rifle through your underwear drawer and throw out all the graying, shapeless panties and toss any bras that are too loose or have frayed edges or underwire popping out.

Go shopping
You don't have to splurge on a completely new wardrobe. Just choose one item that will emphasize your new slimming figure. You might select a t-shirt with a great cut, for example, or buy some pretty lingerie. Find some new underthings that make you feel sexy and special, not necessarily just something you think your guy might like. You'll start feeling good about yourself from the inside out.

Take some time out for yourself
Whether it's meditating, soaking in the bath or insisting you be left alone for 15 minutes to read a good book, you need to chill — and others in your life need to get used to the idea.

Do something active
Get down on the floor for ten minutes of sit-ups and push-ups, take a walk to the park with the kids, or set up a salsa lesson with friends. Commit to doing something that gets you moving.

Fill your plate with veggies
Make sure that you have more servings of vegetables and salad than anything else. Veggies are healthful and fill you up without ruining your diet.

Commit to eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day
It's actually quite easy: If you have an orange at breakfast followed by a slice of toast and a kiwi fruit you're more than a third of the way there.

Pack healthy snacks
Plan ahead to always have healthy treats handy such as raw peeled and washed carrots, grapes, or a banana to avoid the lure of easy-to-grab sweets and chips.

Build activity into your day
You can add minutes of activity to your day quite easily. Get off the bus or subway early and walk, park the car farther away, use stairs rather than the elevator, or go out for a walk on your lunch break.

Find yourself a buddy
Whether it's someone with whom you can swap tips and moans, or someone to run with, you'll be more likely to succeed if you have a weight-loss partner. You'll feel less isolated and more motivated and might well make a good friend in the process.

Finally, pat yourself on the back.
Feel proud for deciding to lose weight and commit yourself to changing your life. It's a big step – and a huge reason why you should be feeling on top of the world!