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A WeightWatchers® Membership + Workshops combines our nutrition program with even more support—and more results. Members who attend Workshops lose 2x more weight compared to those who try to do it on their own.*

  • Expert WW coaches
  • Science-backed weight-loss tips
  • A welcoming community
  • Judgment-free zone
  • Accountability, wherever you are
*Tate DF, et al. 12-month multi-country trial comparing weight loss between the WeightWatchers program and a Do-It-Yourself Approach where resource guides were provided. JAMA Netw Open. 2022. Funded by WW International, Inc

Find your support squad with NEW virtual Workshops

The weekly schedule is jam packed with a sampling of many of our virtual Workshop types so you can find the one best for you.

• Attend as many as you'd like through 3/10

• Each session lasts 30 minutes

How to join:

  1. Come back to this page right before your event starts
  2. Our virtual Workshops are powered by Zoom. For the best experience, update your device to the latest version here.
  3. Up to 10 minutes before the event starts, click the link “Join here” for the selected virtual workshop in schedule below.

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Monday 2/26 + 3/4

Tuesday 2/27 + 3/5

Wednesday 2/28 + 3/6

Thursday 2/29 + 3/7

Friday 3/1 + 3/8

Saturday 3/2 + 3/9

Sunday 3/3 + 3/10

11:30AM EST
Empty Nesters w/ Andrea M and Michelle M

You finally have some time to dust off your favorite cookbook, learn a new hobby or maybe you're ready to retire from cooking altogether (hello, parent’s night out!)? Let's talk. Come connect with others whose eating habits have also changed since having the house to themselves!

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12:00PM EST
What to Eat: Fav Food Finds w/ Ariel M and Aracely M

Get inspiration from other members and WeightWatchers coaches on favorite go-to foods for success, but more importantly, enjoyment!

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10:00AM EST
25 lbs or More to Lose w/
Sophie W and Alison M

Connect with others who have similar weight loss

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8:30AM EST
Goal-Getters w/ Cassina S and Angel C
Did you know that when people set goals based on what works for them they’re likely to be more successful at reaching them? Join us for a deep dive into goal setting and walk away with a plan for the week ahead.

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12:00PM EST
Getting Back on Track w/ Ariel M and Kathleen S

Identify a word or theme that embodies the vision you have for your journey and learn how to set goals that keep you aligned and on track!

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10:30AM EST
WW101: Ask Me Anything w/ Jocelyn S and Karmi M

WeightWatchers coaches are here to answer questions about living the program and how to jump back in or get back on track! (Webinar style, answers fielded via chat.)

Please note different link for this event

10:00AM EST
Veggie Lovers w/ Amy L and Shaniece R

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to want to get creative with a plant-based meal. Come learn how to build a satisfying, veggie forward meal.

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2:00PM EST
WW101: Ask Me Anything w/ Khristina B and Angelica M

Ask Me Anything: WeightWatchers coaches are here to answer questions about living the program and how to jump back in and get back on track! (Webinar style, answers fielded via chat.)

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5:00PM EST
Latinas’ w/ Angelica M and Gigi R

Come together with your Latinas’ community to authentically share experiences following the WeightWatchers program. Learn strategies around prioritizing yourself, enjoying cultural foods with confidence, staying on track over the weekend, normalizing setbacks and more!

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12:00PM EST
Protect Your Progress:
Emotional Eating w/ Cari M and Judy L

Did you know eating when you're bored/stressed/happy
might be a habit you've developed over time?
Join fellow members and a coach and learn science-backed strategies to break or change this habit.

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12:30PM EST
Millennials w/ Ariel M and Carissa W

Sometimes it’s fun to connect with people your own age, do some “humble bragging”, reminisce about your favorite 90’s snacks, and more. Come get a vibe check on all things WeightWatchers.

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4:00PM EST
Black Women’s Group w/ Alicia S and Gwendolyne T

Come together with a WW Coach and members of your community to connect and share tips and tricks about enjoying cultural foods with confidence and more of the unique things you experience as Black Women following the WeightWatchers program.

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2:00PM EST
LGBTQIA+ w/ Ricardo M and Alison M

Safe space to come together and connect with other members of the LGBTQIA+ community to share experiences and learn tips and tricks about following the WeightWatchers program.

Please note different link for this event

1:30PM EST
Plan & Prep: Food 101 w/ Alyce G and Angelica M

We are bringing our favorite tips for planning your week - grocery list strategies, batch cooking ideas, and food prep hacks that will help get you through those busy days.

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8:00PM EST
Getting Back on Track w/ Drew L and Antoine

Identify a word that embodies the vision you have for your journey and set goals that keep you on track to bring that vision to life!

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7:00PM EST
Living With Diabetes: w/ Keli S and Michelle M

Join WW Coaches to learn more about following the journey and share experiences with other members of your community following the WeightWatchers Program.

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8:00PM EST
Better Together w/ Ariel M and Alyce G

The more we spend time with someone the more impact
they’ll have on what we do, so grab your besties and
learn some of our favorite hang-out tips and
how you can get by with a little help from your friends.

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8:00PM EST
What to Eat: Mealbuilders w/ Alicia S and Alyce G

Feeling hungry soon after a meal or snack? WeightWatchers Coaches will share game-changing strategies that will help make building a delicious and filling meal as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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8:00PM EST
What To Eat: Dining Out Tips w/ Karmi M and Connie S

Join us to learn strategies to eat out while staying on track beyond just what to order. And come ready to share what's worked for you - no reservation required!

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8:00PM EST
Dinner Party w/ Antoine S and Cari M

Planning a dinner for friends on and off the program + low Points® appetizer tips everyone can enjoy!

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8:00PM EST
Protect Your Progress: Self Compassion w/ Andrea M and Antoine S

Come feel the love! Join this community conversation and connect with other members as a WW Coach leads discussions around loving yourself, self-compassion, and body acceptance and the positive impact they can have on your weight journey.

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