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It doesn’t get more personalized than

Total Access

Combine one-on-one guidance from a WW Coach, access to in-person Workshops, and all the benefits of our Digital tools.

How myWW™ helps you find success

Everyone’s weight-loss needs are different.

That’s why our new program is customized to make losing weight easier for you. When you join, you’ll unlock a personal assessment that gets to know your eating habits, food preferences, lifestyle, and activity level. Based on your answers, you’ll get a tailored weight-loss plan that guides you toward food choices geared for your goals.

Total Access focuses on one-on-one Personal Coaching

Choose from 600+ WW Coaches to find the one that's right for you

Share your lifestyle, schedule, and goals with your WW Personal Coach and get a personalized action plan.

Make progress with a dedicated accountability partner

Your WW Personal Coach will celebrate your successes, troubleshoot challenges, and help guide you toward your goals.

Access unlimited support

From weekly calls to 24/7 Live Coaching in our app, your Coach will be there to guide you when you need it most.

Attend Workshops at a
WW Studio near you

Learn science-backed techniques for weight loss, get a private Wellness Check-in to set goals on and off the scale, and meet local members for extra support and motivation when you need it most.

Plus get all the benefits of Digital

Our award-winning app provides convenient and effective weight-loss tools in your pocket, with our easy-to-use tracker, free rewards, built-in support, exclusive fitness and mindset content, and more.

“I love that Personal Coaching lets members have a sense of accountability. More importantly, it lets them make their dreams a reality by creating strong, clear action plans that inspire them.”


Aransas, WW Personal Coach

A whole new you starts with Total Access