Onboarding Day 8 Check in I’m really struggling landing page | WW USA

We’re here for you.

It’s going to be okay. We’ve got you.


We’re sorry to hear that this week has been hard. Many people feel that way their first week—but it gets easier, and we know you can do it. Struggling at first doesn’t mean that you’ll always feel this way.

These will help as you move into week two:

  1. Talk to us. 
    You can always chat with one of our expert Coaches. They’re real people, they’re fully trained WW Coaches, and they’re here to help you in any way they can, 24/7.
  2. Visit a WW Studio—on us.
    Coaches are always available in the WW app but having a Coach right there in front of you—someone who understands the journey and is trained to help, can make all the difference.
  3. Cut yourself some slack.
    If things didn’t go the way you wanted this week, don’t punish yourself. Think about how you would treat a friend who was struggling. You deserve compassion, too. 

We’ll check back next week

In the meantime, keep being patient and kind to yourself. It’s not woo-woo nonsense; research shows that how you think about yourself—and this journey—is tied directly to weight loss. 

We know you have the power to make this an amazing journey.

Your present situation is not your final destination.