Exactly what to expect when you chat with a WeightWatchers® coach

Here's how WeightWatchers® members are finding success through this valuable resource.
Published August 1, 2019

Whether you’re working toward a weight loss goal or are in maintenance mode, questions about the WeightWatchers program can come up any time of day. No matter what you’re wondering, it’s easy to chat with a coach 24/7 online at WW.com or within the WW app and get the information you’re looking for, fast. It’s like having the best advice in the palm of your hand!

What to ask a WW coach

No questions are off limits—so ask away! For example, you could start a chat with a coach if you want to learn more about…

  • The WeightWatchers program

    There’s always a coach at the ready to explain how weekly Points® and rollovers work, and to talk you through your journey.

  • What to eat

    Say you’re out to dinner at an Italian restaurant but don’t know what to order: pasta or pizza? You could use your app to ask a coach to suggest some low-Points options.

  • Problem solving

    Have you hit a weight-loss plateau? A coach can help you climb out of a rut or smooth over a rough patch.

  • Points questions

    Your chat coach can tell you how many Points are in your fruit smoothie or where to find the full list of ZeroPoint® foods.

  • Tips and tricks

    Done with dinner and still feel like snacking? Ask your chat coach for tips on how to feel fuller for longer or which ZeroPoint foods make great snacks.

  • Words of encouragement

    Think of 24/7 Live Coaching as your on-the-go cheerleading squad.

How to connect to a 24/7 WW coach

In the WW app while using an Apple iOS phone:

  • Tap on the Profile icon in the top right corner of the WW app.
  • Select '24/7 Live Coaching' and then start asking your questions.

In the WW app while using an Android mobile phone:

  • Tap on the profile icon on the WW app.
  • Select '24/7 Live Coaching' and then start asking your questions.

On WW.com

  • Open your homepage

  • Click on the green '24/7 Live Coaching' bar in the bottom right corner, ask your question, and you’ll be greeted by the next available coach.


This article was reviewed for accuracy in July 2021 by Allison Grupski, PhD, vice president for behavior change strategies & coaching at WW. The WW Science Team is a dedicated group of experts who ensure all our solutions are rooted in the best possible research.