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The beginner's guide to Green

On Green, you can spend your personalized SmartPoints® Budget on any food you choose! Here's what a day of eating could look like.


Banana protein pancakes

Wondering what to do with overripe bananas? Make banana pancakes using two ingredients! 

4 SmartPoints per serving


French lentil bowl with creamy mustard vinaigrette

By combining ZeroPoint™ veggies and high-protein lentils, you can enjoy a hearty lunch without breaking your SmartPoints Budget

11 SmartPoints per serving


Basil-spinach dip with pita chips

This dip is also fantastic spread onto thickly cut carrot or cucumber rounds.

4 SmartPoints per serving


One-pot penne with broccoli rabe and sausage

One of our favorite secrets from this one-pot pasta recipe? We transfer the sausage from the skillet using a slotted spoon, so the fat from the sausage can coat and flavor the remaining ingredients. 

10 SmartPoints per serving


Mango-strawberry "nice" cream

Four ingredients and five minutes is all it takes to create a delicious low-SmartPoints banana and mango ice-cream.

1 SmartPoints value per serving

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