The WW Guide to Spring Cleaning

This spring, toss out your old kitchen tools and unhealthy habits and welcome newer, smarter products that will help you live your healthiest life.
Published April 12, 2021

Mops, brooms, dusters, and a recycling bin are usually what come to mind when “spring cleaning” is mentioned. But this is the WW version—and it’s so much more fun! Thanks to the help of these tips and must-have products, you’ll clear out the junk (we’re looking at you, Tupperware with no matching lid), reorganize your kitchen and home, and set yourself up for wellness success. Let’s get started!

7 steps to spring cleaning success

1. Organize your shopping lists. Kitchen counter cluttered with old notebooks and pads of paper that you use for meal planning and grocery list-making? Here’s a hint: Gather 'em, stick them in a desk drawer, and pull out the 52 Week Planner instead. Use it to plan meals, write out grocery lists, make notes on your wellness journey, and even jot down appointments—all in one tidy place! Bonus: The planner comes with super cute stay-on-track stickers.

2. Get tech-savvy. Now's the time to clean out the bathroom of no longer working gadgets and embrace this sunny, joyful season as an opportunity for much-deserved upgrades. The WW Body Analysis Bluetooth Scale by Conair fits the bill thanks to its slew of high-tech features. It connects to your smartphone to help you get a full picture of your overall health, including stats on your weight, bone and muscle mass, body fat, water content, and BMI. Getting serious about your wellness means looking at the whole picture—something this scale does with ease.

3. Give leftovers a home. There’s nothing quite like opening your refrigerator doors and basking upon a neat, orderly, matching set of containers housing all of your leftover food. Try our Silicone Portion Control Containers, which have leak-resistant lids. You can also use them to store lunches or snacks for the week. Cut up carrots and celery sticks, chop bell peppers, slice cucumbers, and then stash the veggies in a container. If you can see the nutritious eats at eye-level in the fridge, you’re more likely to go for them than something buried deeper.

4. Rethink your kitchen gadgets. Say goodbye to mismatched pieces of half broken equipment that clutter up cabinets and instead welcome the 9-in-1 Kitchen Prep Set. This do-it-all tool—which neatly stacks together within itself—juices, dices, strains, zests, portions pasta, open jars, and more. Making the most of smaller spaces while having the tools to develop healthy habits? Now that's a win-win.

5. Give your fridge a facelift. Take a few minutes to go through the refrigerator and toss anything that’s gone bad. Then, set yourself up for future success (and reduce food waste!) by adding Silicone Food Huggers to the rotation. The Food Huggers stretch around halved fruit and veggies to keep the produce fresher longer.

6. Say so long to that plastic bag pile. Raise your hand if you have a messy stash of plastic bags somewhere in your kitchen. Guilty? Then consider doing away with plastic bags for good and investing in WW Reusable Produce Bags. Thanks to their washable, reusable design, you can finally get rid of the need to reach for plastic bags in the fruit and vegetable aisle of the grocery store. Plus, these reusable bags keep your produce fresher, longer.

wine glasses7. Give your glassware a glow up. We all have that wine glass that we avoid using at all costs: Maybe it has a crack, feels too heavy in the hand, or doesn’t match the rest of your set. This is the year you round up the glassware that no longer brings you joy, donate it (minus the cracked ones!), and start fresh with the WW Portion Control Wine Glass Set. This stylish set of four will leave you excited to host happy hour at home, plus each one has barely-there, built-in portion control markings for a perfectly PersonalPoints™-savvy pour every time. Cheers to that!