Get to Know Holly

You've seen her on "Connecting with Oprah." Now, the woman also known as @amazonbella on Connect talks dating, motivation, and success with Weight Watchers.
Published March 2, 2017

Holly may have lost weight, but she also found herself again — the bubbly, outgoing, confident woman she was always meant to be.

What was the trigger that made you want to join Weight Watchers?
When I went to the doctor and weighed in at 306 pounds, I knew I had to turn to the program. I had suffered some injuries — most recently breaking my ankle — and I was very sedentary and depressed. My personality started changing from extrovert to introvert. I called my mom and told her I was joining Weight Watchers and she came to my first meeting with me.

What was your first meeting like?
I met my Leader, Lori, and from that moment, I knew that the program was going to work for me. The energy from her and the welcoming faces made me feel like I’d always been a member. I jumped right in, making friends and sharing my story.

What is one aspect of your life that has changed?
Dating is amazing! I have confidence that shines so bright, and men notice that. I used to stress out about what to wear, how can I hide this or that, and what will they think of me. I even used to go early to meet someone so I wouldn’t have to stand up. Now I want to make an entrance.

So, is the extrovert back?
You know it! I say yes to every social outing, and I’m not embarrassed to be seen in public anymore. I talk to everyone.

How else have you changed?
I’ve started cooking more. I used to be the girl who only made a microwave burrito and now I'm making filet mignon and asparagus. Things like that tickle me and make me so proud. It’s a small success for me, but it’s important to celebrate achievements like those along the way. It’s not always about the number on the scale. When you realize that, you learn to be happy about so much more than just the weight you are losing.

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