25 year old Elisha is now happy in her own skin!

I used to think losing weight was about starving yourself, or doing a fad diet, and then falling off the wagon... until I joined WW.
Published 16 January, 2018
"Eating out and socialising is simple with WW Freestyle™. You have rollovers and weeklies, so you don't feel like you're cheating. "

Start weight: 11st 12lb | Weight loss:  2st 3lb* 
Current weight: 9st 9lb 
Height: 5' 7" |  Age: 25
Studio: Stubbington 
WW Coach: Lorraine Hopkins

I joined my local WW Workshop in 2014 after feeling uncomfortable with my weight. Along with my WW Coach, Lorraine, the support at my Workshop was amazing. I stayed for the weekly talk as I enjoyed the different topics, full of practical advice. As a younger member, I never felt like my age was an issue as we all had the same goal. I made friends and never looked back. 

I got to goal April 2015 and continued going to my WW Workshop which helped me maintain. I also started my Instagram feed @rainbow___room which also helped me stay on track. It's like my own food diary, I love sharing ideas, plus I got so much inspiration  from other people. 

Before joining WW, I never cooked. I lived on quick and easy food, which included a lot of ready meals. I started buying the WW cookbooks and found them easy to follow. It's so simple to make your own sauces with some tinned tomatoes and spices!

Why I love WW Freestyle™...

I base a lot of my meals around the ZeroPoint™ foods and make stews with chickpeas, pulses and lentils. I love making dips using 0% fat Greek yogurt, such as houmous, mint sauce, and beetroot dip.  As a vegetarian, I use tofu or Quorn to make homemade curries and bulk them up with vegetables. Keeping a stock of spices is handy as you can use them to add flavour.

An easy breakfast is overnight oats - this is especially handy when I'm working and need something quick.

Eating out and socialising is simple with WW Freestyle. You have rollovers and weeklies, so you don't feel like you're cheating. The app makes it easy to check SmartPoints® . Most restaurants will accommodate requests, e.g if you don't want chips, ask for something else.

If you're starting out with activity...

Going to a gym can be intimidating, but everyone is there for the same reason. Don't look at other people and judge yourself. If you're feeling a bit lost, join some classes like body pump so you can learn new techniques. Park run is also a good local 5k event every Saturday morning. You don't have to run at a certain pace, just get a good playlist! And don't beat yourself up if you can't fit it in every week - sometimes it's just not possible. I couldn't run around the block, whereas now I've got 10Ks under my belt!

Why my life has improved...

I used to be moody, and feel down, especially if I'd binged on food. Now, I wake up with energy, have a positive outlook, and I feel in control. I don't have to say no to things. I enjoy going to the gym and exercising. Before I saw it as a punishment, whereas now I love the endorphins I get from it, plus the way my body has benefited.

I'm more content in my body, I would always compare myself to others. I've since learned it's not about anyone but yourself. I'm happy in my own skin and I've worked hard for it.

My top tips to succeed:

  • Set yourself up for success! Plan your meals, track them, try new foods so you don't get bored. You wouldn't go into an exam without doing any revision! I love the barcode scanner in the app. I'll scan something in the supermarket and if it's really high, I'll make a judgement on whether it's worth it.
  • The cookbooks are great, especially if like me you never used to cook. 
  • Use the weighing scales. These are vital to help with portion control. There's no need to worry about overeating ZeroPoint foods, plus the cookbooks guide you on how much a portion should be. 
  • WW gives you everything you need to succeed, so make sure you read everything and give yourself the best experience!