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WW Health Solutions

WW Health Solutions has been designed in close consultation with healthcare professionals to deliver effective, sustainable and cost effective weight management programmes for local communities.

WW Health Solutions


Over the last 50 years, we have helped millions of people lose weight. And we’ve been working with the NHS, Local Authorities and health professionals since 2005, helping many people succeed in weight loss after a referral.

An integrated and flexible approach emphasizing satisfying and healthy eating based on the most up to date science, activity and mindset; an approach to build skills for life

The WW SmartPoints® is not only proven for weight loss, it is also shown to:

  • Significantly reduce key risk factors for cardiovascular disease; improving unhealthy fats in the blood like cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides.
  • Improve several eating behaviours linked with long term weight loss success.


Get in touch with the health solutions team call: 01628 415 287
or email: referral@weight-watchers.co.uk

WW Referral was put to the test…


Of people who tried the programme would recommend the service to friends and family


Of people who tried the programme said it was easier to follow


Of people who tried the programme were satisfied with their experience on the WW referral scheme

WW Works


WW International, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of weight management services. Since 1963, we’ve helped millions of people achieve healthy, sustained weight loss. Every week, approximately 1.3 million members attend almost 50,000 WW Workshops in over 30 countries around the world. In Britain, 1,300 expert WW Coaches run Workshops in over 5,000 locations.

Our approach is based on the latest scientific thinking, has robust governance and a comprehensive evidence base, including independent randomised controlled trials run in Britain.

What our members say about WW?

"The WW sessions have helped me to maintain a healthy weight loss. I am now in a better place in regards to my general well-being."

"Since attending the WW programme, I've felt healthier, fitter and more confident in myself. Thank you WW."

"WW has changed my life so much. I feel like a new person and love the new habits I have made."

A holistic approach


We know that healthy living success for our members goes beyond just a number on the scales. It’s a combination of how they feel, their confidence, health and happiness. Our approach encompasses the elements that empower our members to adopt a healthier lifestyle; healthy eating, fitness and positive psychology. Through this multi-layered approach, we make sure that an individual’s programme is tailored to their unique needs, transforming not only the way they eat but also the way they move and – most powerfully – their holistic wellbeing.


Get in touch with team by calling 01628 415 287
or email: referral@weight-watchers.co.uk


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