Introducing new GLP-1 Programme

A lifestyle programme built to support your GLP-1 journey

Meet a new programme designed to support people taking weight-loss medications. Reach your goals with the WeightWatchers® GLP-1 Programme.

Designed for the needs of those on prescription medication

Award-winning app with features that simplify your journey

Focuses on nutrition and activity

Man seasoning and preparing food in the kitchen
Man seasoning and preparing food in the kitchen

What to expect

The GLP-1 Programme includes:

✔️ Daily targets that prioritise protein, water, and fruit and veggies to help you feel your best.

✔️ GLP-1 Programme Go-to Foods list takes some of the guesswork out of what to eat—even when you don’t feel like it.

✔️ Activity goals each day to help maintain muscle as you lose weight.

✔️ Essential toolkit of trackers, recipes and meal inspo, and behaviour-change tips.

✔️ Support system of expert WW coaches, dedicated Virtual Workshops, and other members.

Take the next step in your weight health journey and join WeightWatchers!

Reach your goals, feel your best, and build healthy habits that last.

The GLP-1 Programme is designed with your unique needs in mind

Science shows that behaviour change should be part of your journey too. And that’s kind of our thing.

Don’t just take our word for it

People living the programme say it even better:

WeightWatchers does not offer prescriptions. Our programme is designed for people already taking prescription weight-loss medication. You should always discuss any medical decisions with a doctor you trust.

Ready to see how powerful this programme can be?

Frequently asked questions

If you’re already taking a prescription weight-loss medication, join WeightWatchers today and you can get started on the programme right away.

While the Points Programme gives members a Points Budget, the GLP-1 Programme focuses on three daily nutrition targets: protein, fruits and veggies, and water. Both programmes include activity goals, but the GLP-1 Programme target is daily. What’s not different: The award-winning WW app filled with recipe and meal inspo, trackers, and behaviour-change tips. Plus, a strong support system of expert coaches and fellow members.

The programme was designed for people who are using a second-gen GLP-1 prescription weight-management medication and not living with diabetes. People taking a first-gen GLP-1 should follow the Points Programme, and those living with diabetes should follow the Diabetes Programme.

While GLP-1s are prescribed to manage weight and diabetes, the GLP-1 Programme is designed for those taking them for weight management. People living with diabetes need a programme that takes their condition into account, like our Diabetes Programme. It encourages members to weigh, measure, and track the foods that may have the biggest impact on blood sugar levels.


On the GLP-1 Programme, everyone has the same targets for fruits and vegetables (four servings per day), hydration (1.75 litres per day, 7-8 glasses a day), and activity (30 minutes per day). That said, protein targets may be different since they are individualised based on what you weigh at the beginning of the programme (0.80g of protein per 1kg starting body weight). Ultimately, when it comes to your diet, always follow the recommendations as provided by medical professionals.

Everyone’s daily target is 30 minutes. This helps you work towards the expert recommendation of at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity and strength training at least twice a week.

The GLP-1 Programme Go-to Food list is made up of foods that form the foundation of a balanced eating pattern–especially for those taking prescription weight-management medications. It includes foods high in protein, as well as fruits and vegetables to help you reach your nutrition targets. Find it in the What to Eat tab.

There are Virtual Workshops exclusively for members on the GLP-1 Programme. You can access these through "Find a Workshop" in the WW app or here. There’s also a Connect group for other existing users of GLP-1 medications called “WW GLP-1 Programme” where you can interact with other members.