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How to care for your back the smart way

Published 5 September, 2016

Stopped in your tracks by back pain? Here’s how to keep it strong and healthy – so you can keep moving

Build better bones
Regular weight-bearing exercise, like brisk walking, will keep your bones healthy – the muscles in your back ‘pull’ on the bones as you walk, encouraging tissue regrowth. It means you’re less likely to be at risk of fractures in the spine and hips.

S-t-r-e-t-c-h yourself
According to research, we spend 75 per cent of the time we’re awake either sitting or lying down, so it’s no wonder your back is under pressure. The solution? Do daily stretches and get up to move every 20-40 minutes to prevent muscles seizing up.

Stop the pain
If you’re already suffering with back pain, try exercise. Gentle walking, swimming, yoga or Pilates have all been shown to be beneficial in reducing pain, while also keeping your back mobile. But steer clear of high impact aerobics, like running.