A Whole New Life

Christina after
Christina before
 Honestly, the difference between joining every other time and joining this time was simple: I just didn’t quit. 
*People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.
Christina lost weight on a prior Weight Watchers program and is continuing on the PointsPlus® program.

At 230 pounds, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and painful joints all started to affect Christina—at age 35. She knew she had to take control of her life before it was too late. That’s when she began attending Weight Watchers meetings and following the Plan. Now she’s nearly 100 pounds* lighter and running half marathons.


I’d been a Weight Watchers member several times before. But this time it was really about my health issues. I was getting a little older and I really just wanted to take control and get healthy once and for all. I’d tried quite a few other diets but I always knew Weight Watchers worked, I just hadn’t really committed to it. But I always came back. Thankfully, this time I stuck with it and I got to goal.

Meetings matter

The first time I went to a meeting I was just blown away that there were so many great ideas, like recipes to try and substitutions and activities to test out. My leader Maggie is amazing. She just knows so much stuff. Still to this day I go to my meeting every week. It replenishes me and starts the week off on the right foot.

Making changes

The biggest change I made was my portion control. I started to take that into consideration. It was really out of control. I was eating so much more than I should have been. I just didn’t realize what I was doing because a lot of the time, what I was eating wasn’t necessarily that bad for me. I was just eating way too much of it.

Also, I really tracked every single thing I ate. Before, I’d snack all the time and wouldn’t really feel full or satisfied or really keep track of how much I was nibbling. But once I really started writing everything down and I could actually see how much I was eating it really made a difference for me.

The fitness factor

Previously I wasn’t really an athletic person at all. I’d walk here and there, but I moved somewhere that was really close to the train, and I only had to walk about a block from the train to my work, so I really wasn’t doing much.

I wanted to do the breast cancer walk with my family because we’ve been affected by breast cancer. It was a 5k and I wanted to run it. So I did the couch to 5k interval training. It was amazing—one of the best experiences of my life actually. And now I’ve worked my way up to three half marathons.

How the hubby helped

I’ve been married for about four years. My husband has always had a 9 to 5 job and I’ve always had 8 to 12 hour shifts with weird hours. So he was always the cook in the family, especially for dinner. He’s been super supportive of my throughout this entire process. He’d go to WeightWatchers.com and find all sorts of amazing recipes that were low in PointsPlus values. And he’s actually following the Weight Watchers Plan himself now. So we enjoy the meals together which is nice. We know what we’re eating is healthy and now we know we’re be around for a really long time together!

Blogging along the way

I have a weight-loss blog where I post my accomplishments and write about trying new things. For example I recently started roller skating! I also find it really keeps me accountable. I get a lot of inspiration from the online community. I have support in real life from the Weight Watchers meetings and my husband and my family. And then I also get motivation from the online community from people I might never have met in real life—people from all over the world.

Using eTools

I actually think the eTools on my iPhone played an integral part of my success on the Plan this time. For example, if I was out at a restaurant I could look up a meal or anything I was eating. And I could find substitutions like saying, “What if I don’t have cheese? Could I have another piece of bread? How many PointsPlus values is that?” So I could adjust that way and have the Plan with me anywhere I had cell phone reception.

Switching to PointsPlus

I love PointsPlus. But I was nervous when it first came out because I’d lost most of the weight on the POINTS program. I’d always integrated fruits and veggies into my diet anyway, so there wasn’t a huge shift there. Part of making myself more comfortable with the Plan was going through my tracker and seeing how I’d been eating in the past and seeing that I could still eat those things while staying within my PointsPlus budget.

The push she needed

Honestly, the difference between every other time and joining this time was simple: I just didn’t quit. When I got on that scale and it went up on occasion—which it’s going to, that’s life—I didn’t let it stop me. I got back on that scale every week. That was the key for me.

I didn’t get discouraged and I stuck with it. I also focused on small goals. There were a few times where someone would say something like, “How much have you lost all together?” And I’d have to think about it because I’d only be thinking about losing the next 5 pounds. It would catch me off guard to think of the total number. It was a nice surprise. For me, just taking it in small amounts was so much easier than thinking about losing 100 pounds, because that can be overwhelming.

Becoming a Receptionist

Weight Watchers changed my life so I wanted a way to keep myself in check after I got to goal, but I also wanted to help other people. I decided to become a Receptionist. What I love most about it is having that one special moment with someone when they’re weighing-in. It’s a time when people can often be ashamed or self-conscious and they’re sharing that with you and allowing you to be there. And you get to be there for them and offer advice. I hope one day to take it a step further and become a Leader.

The best part

One thing I love about my new body is that I can shop anywhere now. I could throw on a ten-dollar sundress and be okay with it. That’s something I could never do before. But the best part is probably the fitness aspect and the fact that I can run a half marathon. I can walk all day and at the end of the day I feel good.

When I did the Disney Half Marathon and they said, “Athletes line up,” it was when they called me an athlete that was one of the best moments of my life. I’d never been an athlete my entire life. It’s all new and exciting for me. It’s a whole new life.

Christina’s Tips
  • Don’t compare yourself to other people. Some people will lose weight very quickly and others take years. It’s about knowing yourself.
  • Track every BLT (bite, lick and taste)!
  • Start writing your success story now. You can reference it later when you need a little inspiration.