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Photo of Pork sukyiaki by WW

Pork sukyiaki

Total Time
30 min
15 min
15 min
Soba noodles, pork fillet, tofu and cabbage are dressed in a light, fresh sauce to create a bowl that’s bursting with flavour


Dry soba noodles (100% buckwheat)

180 g

Canola oil

1 tbs

Pork fillet or tenderloin, raw

300 g, fat trimmed, thinly sliced

Brown onion

1 small, thinly sliced


1 medium, halved, thinly sliced diagonally

Fresh ginger

20 g, thinly sliced

Chicken stock

2 cup(s)

Soy sauce

2 tbs

Mirin seasoning

2 tbs

Savoy cabbage

250 g, coarsley chopped

Firm tofu

100 g, drained on paper towel, cut into 2cm cubes

Green shallot(s)

2 individual, thinly sliced


  1. Cook noodles in a large saucepan of boiling salted water, following packet instructions, or until just tender. Drain.
  2. Meanwhile, heat half the oil in a large, deep, non-stick frying pan over high heat. Add pork and cook, stirring, in batches, for 2–3 minutes or until lightly browned. Transfer to a plate.
  3. Heat remaining oil in same pan over medium-high heat. Add onion and carrot and cook, stirring, for 2–3 minutes or until softened. Add ginger and cook for 30 seconds. Add stock, soy sauce and mirin and bring to the boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 2 minutes. Add cabbage and simmer for 2 minutes or until cabbage is tender.
  4. Add tofu and pork and simmer for 1–2 minutes or until pork is just cooked through. Divide noodles among serving bowls. Using a slotted spoon, spoon vegetables, tofu and pork over noodles. Ladle over hot broth and sprinkle with shallots. Serve.


Mirin is a sweet, low-alcohol Japanese cooking wine made from rice. It is available in the Asian section of most supermarkets or Asian grocery stores.