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Grilled fish with lemon dill butter

Grilled fish with lemon dill butter

Total Time
25 min
15 min
10 min
Grilling the fish over lemon slices adds fantastic flavour and prevents the fish from sticking to the grill. The combination of butter, lemon and dill creates a sophisticated sauce that comes together in minutes.


Skinless white fish, raw

720 g, (4 x 180g), firm variety


2 medium, sliced into 12 slices

Fresh dill

3 tsp, 4 sprigs, plus 2 tsp chopped


1 tbs, (room temperature)

Fresh lemon rind

1 tsp, finely grated

Oil spray

1 x 3 second spray(s)


  1. Preheat a grill pan or barbecue over medium-high heat until hot.
  2. Pat fish dry with paper towel, then lightly spray with oil and season with salt and pepper.
  3. Carefully place 3 lemon slices on grill pan, slightly overlapping, top with a dill sprig and a fish fillet. Repeat with remaining lemon, dill and fish. Cover and cook, without turning, for 8-10 minutes or until fish is opaque all the way through and flakes easily when tested with a thin-bladed knife.
  4. Meanwhile, combine butter, chopped dill and rind in a small bowl.
  5. Using two spatulas, transfer each lemon-dill-fish portion to a plate. To serve, top each serving with 1½ teaspoons lemon-dill butter.


Any firm white fish would be suitable for this recipe. Try ling, barramundi or blue-eye trevalla. Serve with grilled asparagus on the side.