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Frittata snack box

Frittata snack box

Total Time
5 min
5 min
Packing up a snack box for the day is a great way to ensure you’ve got tasty, portion-friendly nibbles at your fingertips. Limited only to your imagination, the food choices are endless. Plan to include a variety of food groups, flavours and textures to brighten up your day and keep you feeling satisfied.



1 stick(s)

Cherry tomatoes

5 individual, (grape variety)

Fresh berries

½ cup(s), (80g)

Butternut pumpkin

50 g

Canned chickpeas, rinsed and drained

¼ 400g can

Ground cumin

¼ tsp


¼ clove(s), crushed

99% fat-free, plain or natural yoghurt, unsweetened

1 tbs

Lemon juice

1 tsp

Fresh coriander

2 tsp


2 medium

97% fat-free cottage cheese

2 tbs

Harissa paste

¼ tsp

Fresh flat-leaf parsley

2 tsp

Green shallot(s)

1 individual

Vegetable mix, non-starchy, fresh

95 g


  1. Place 1 serve spice-roasted vegetable & cottage cheese frittata (recipe below) in a
  2. compartment of a snack box container. Add 1 serve pumpkin yoghurt hummus (recipe below)
  3. to a separate compartment in the container. Combine 1 celery stick (cut into small sticks) and
  4. 5 grape tomatoes in another compartment, then place ½ cup (80g) mixed fresh berries in
  5. the remaining compartment. Seal with lid and place in the fridge until ready to eat.