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Photo of Creamy bacon, mushroom and pea carbonara by WW

Creamy bacon, mushroom and pea carbonara

Total Time
40 min
20 min
20 min
Get the whole family drooling with this creamy pasta perfection


Dry pasta

300 g, spaghetti

Olive oil

1 tbs

Shortcut bacon

125 g, coarsely chopped


400 g, thinly sliced

Brown onion

1 medium, thinly sliced


2 clove(s), crushed


1 tbs

Reduced-fat evaporated milk

185 ml

Frozen green peas

½ cup(s)


1 medium


  1. Cook pasta in a large saucepan of boiling salted water, following packet instructions, or until just tender. Drain, reserving ⅔ cup (160ml) cooking liquid.
  2. Meanwhile, heat half the oil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat. Cook bacon, stirring, for 1–2 minutes or until browned. Transfer to a plate. Cook mushrooms, stirring, for 5 minutes or until golden and tender. Transfer to plate with bacon.
  3. Heat remaining oil in same pan over medium-high heat. Cook onion and garlic, stirring, for 5 minutes or until softened.
  4. Meanwhile, combine cornflour and half the milk in a small bowl until smooth. Stir in remaining milk. Add to pan with onion mixture and cook, stirring occasionally, for 3 minutes or until mixture starts to boil and thicken. Remove from heat and stir in peas, bacon, mushrooms and egg.
  5. Add pasta to sauce and stir to coat. Serve.


SERVING SUGGESTION: Cheesy breadcrumbs. Heat 2 teaspoons oil in a small non-stick frying pan over high heat. Cook ½ cup (35g) fresh breadcrumbs made from day-old sourdough bread (process in a food processor), stirring, for 2 minutes or until golden. Cool. Toss breadcrumbs with ¼ cup (20g) finely grated parmesan cheese and sprinkle over carbonara.