Weight Watchers meetings are a great way to stay focused
with weekly inspiration and the kind of enthusiasm you can only get in person.


Here's what you get with Weight Watchers meetings:

Our Leaders

Get advice and guidance from someone who’s lost weight — and kept it off. 


You'll have a core group of other members to lean on, learn from, and share experiences with.


Everyone's a little different, so we'll help you customize a plan for your life. 

Our proven PointsPlus® plan

Get an easy-to-understand food budget that makes it simple to eat healthier.

Recipes and customized meals

Gluten free? Vegetarian? Hate to cook? Get recipes to suit your taste no matter what your preference may be.

Online tools

Access to our easy-to-use online tools and apps including 24/7 Expert Chat


1.  You can try a meeting for free today.

2. Everyone on our team has been in your shoes and lost weight with Weight Watchers.

3. You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.

4. All weigh-ins are confidential. 

5. If your current meeting isn’t a great fit, there are lots of other meetings to choose from.

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