Get Up Out of Your Seat!

Easy ways to take a stand and move more
Published October 8, 2016


Here's some news you shouldn't take sitting down: The more you sit, the greater your risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other ailments. Even if you work out for an hour every day, the amount of time you spend sitting that has the biggest impact on your health. According to some estimates, the average Canadian is sedentary for more than half the time they're awake — more than 9 hours.

The simplest way to get out of your seat is to keep such “movement moments” small and easy. Incorporate them into your everyday life as well—a good way to overcome barriers to making healthy choices in general!

8 ways to turn seated moments into movement moments

1. Use an alarm on your smartphone to remind you to get up from your desk and move every hour.

2. Need to consult with a coworker? Opt for a standing meeting. Or invite him or her for a walk around the office.

3. Do laps around the room at home while you talk on the phone.

4. Get off the couch during commercials and lift weights, do lunges, or march in place.

5. Instead of a board game, challenge your kids to something active like Simon Says, charades, or a Wii Sports game.

6. Take a Fitbreak! Our app, Fitbreak by Weight Watchers®, available in the iTunes store gives one-minute moves you can do at work or home.

7. Cheer on your kid's team while walking along the sidelines rather than sitting in the bleachers or on a lawn chair.

8. Discover more everyday ways to get moving here.

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