If you love chocolate this book is for you

Our newest cookbook is filled with recipes for the chocolate lover. Sweet, savoury and everything in between – this beautiful book is a must have so you can eat chocolate all day long.
Published February 12, 2021

At WW everything is on the menu – and that means chocolate too! This newest cookbook is filled with recipes from decadent to simple that are sure to satisfy any chocolate craving that comes over you.

From sweet treats like brownies à la mode with peanut and chocolate “nice” cream to midday snacks like chocolate-zucchini bread muffins this book has something to satisfy any chocolate hankering. We’ve even got a whole chapter on savoury recipes so you can eat chocolate at every meal!

Plus, for the true chef – we have some great hacks on how to substitute types of cocoa, how to store, and a primer on how chocolate is made – now that’s some sweet stuff.

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Sneak peek at recipes

Check out a small tasting of the recipes from each chapter of the Chocolate cookbook below

Chapter 1 – Snacks

Chocolate & nut phyllo tartlets

This twist on baklava turns what could be a big project into a simple— and delicious—sweet.

Chapter 2 – Savoury

Chocolate tofu chili
Packed with vegetables and flavour, the chili gets its depth from chocolate without tasting overtly like chocolate.

Chapter 3 - Sauces

Hot rum & coconut fudge sauce

Try this drizzled on angel food cake, or stir a splash into a cup of coffee.

Chapter 4 – Desserts

Brownies à la mode with peanut & chocolate “nice” cream
Our take on this classic combo invites you to dig right in!

Chapter 5 - Drinks

Chocolate & hazelnut martini with toasted-coconut rim
The crunchy honey-coconut rim adds extra flavour and texture to this gorgeous cocktail.