Cyber Monday Must-Haves

Check out these great WW product deals
Published November 17, 2021

It’s Cyber Monday! Here’s your chance to stock up on some great WW products to help you stay on track. We’ve got a roundup of some sweet and crunchy treats, some protein-packed hacks, and some baker’s tools.

Chocolate Protein Booster

This chocolate protein powder is a great way to get a hit of protein whenever you need it. It’s vegetarian, kosher and gluten-free, and it’s made with real cocoa. You can mix it into oatmeal, add it to a smoothie or use it as a topper on desserts. You can even use it to make a quick shake by blending with water, milk or yogurt to get a whopping 25 grams of protein per serving.

Vanilla Cake Mix

WW’s kosher-certified high-protein vanilla cake mix is an easy way to make low-PersonalPoints treats. Use the entire bag to bake a cake, or make a few cupcakes and keep the rest of the mix fresh in the resealable bag. Each serving has four grams of fibre and seven grams of protein, plus there are no artificial sweeteners.

Chocolate Protein Stix

Each of these gluten-free chocolate-covered sticks contains seven grams of protein and just four grams of sugar. And the classic pairing of rice crisps and marshmallow creates a treat you’ll really enjoy.

Canadiana Crunchy Snack Pack

This value-packed snack bundle has all the classic Canadian potato chip flavours: ketchup, sour cream and onion, and smoky bacon. All the bags are pre-portioned, perfect for carefree snacking and easy PersonalPoints tracking.

2-in-1 Muffin and Mini Cake Cups

These are great for making morning muffins, egg bites or yummy desserts. One pack contains six reusable silicone cups, which are dishwasher, air fryer, oven and microwave safe. They’re also freezer safe, so you can prep up a bunch of snacks and pop the cups straight in the freezer for later.