5 Creative Ideas for Easter

Mix up your Easter celebrations with these fun ideas
Published March 1, 2016

Easter is the perfect time to reconnect with family and friends. With the birds chirping and the sun shining, everyone is often in a good mood and the long weekend allows a little more time to plan get-togethers. However, as is often the case with family gatherings, a lot of not-so-healthy food options tend to make their way onto the table. In order to avoid temptation, why not adjust your Easter celebrations to include some fun activities that don’t revolve solely around what’s cooking in the oven.

From decorating eggs to ideas for Easter egg hunts, these egg-cellent ideas might just inspire will allow to explore your creative side and stay on track with your healthy eating plans.

Decorate Easter eggs
Keep things eggs-citing by having an array of decorating options. Using both hard-boiled and plastic eggs as “canvases,” unleash your inner Picasso by using a variety of art tools such as paints, brushes, stickers, glitter and glue. Ramp up the fun by adding some friendly competition and have your family host a Best Egg contest.

Conduct an Easter egg hunt
Easter egg hunts are always a good time for both kids and adults. Get creative with your hunt this year by assigning each person a specific colour of egg that they have to find. Or create an Easter egg scavenger hunt by writing up your own clues and scattering hints around your home and yard. Get even more eggs-travagant by painting eggs with glow-in-the-dark paint and shutting off the lights in your living room for a glow-in-the-dark hunt.

Get hopping
The warmer weather is a great excuse to partake in some fun outdoor activities. Try setting up a relay race.

  1. Lay out start and finish lines using two stakes or pylons. 
  2. Divide your family and friends into teams. Give everyone a plastic spoon and each team one egg (we recommend hardboiled unless you like things messy). 
  3. Have everyone line up and the first player from each team must balance their egg in their spoon. (For added difficulty, try holding the spoon in your mouth.)
  4. At the blow of a whistle, they must hop (this is Easter, after all) towards the finish plyon/stake, around it, and back, passing the egg to the teammate next in line. The first team that completes the race, wins.

Create an Easter basket
Make Easter eggs-tra special by creating your own pre-made Easter baskets for your guests. For the eco-conscious, fill a re-furnished crate with garden goodies, including seeds, plants, mini-tools, and gardening books. For the family member who’s in need of some much-needed R&R, create a basket complete with candles, essential oils, bubble bath and a neck massager.  For the youngsters, skip the traditional Easter baskets and instead reuse an egg carton by filling the cups with goodies, or fill Mason jars with layers of treats and toys.

Wear your Easter best
What’s Easter without some fancy fashion? Dress to impress with your best Easter-themed outfit (think pastels and lots of floral). Visit the local vintage or second-hand store to score old-fashioned bonnets, white gloves and fun jewelry, like pearls and brooches. A pair of bunny ears and a cottontail adds a bit of fun to the mix, too. Encourage friends and family to do the same. Basically, if they’re not dressed like a Peep, they’re not invited (kidding!).

With these new creative activities, you’re sure to create new lasting traditions that will make Easter an event that everyone looks forward to!