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Photo of Chocolate strawberry fool by WW

Chocolate strawberry fool

7 - 8
PersonalPoints™ per serving
Total Time
3 hr 15 min
15 min
0 min
Every layer reveals a different flavour as you spoon through the strawberry coulis to the rich chocolate mousse.


Fresh strawberries

250 g, washed, hulled, chopped

Icing sugar

1 tbs

Low fat chocolate mousse

2 tub(s)

Low-fat custard

125 g

Fresh raspberries

100 g

Fresh mint

cup(s), leaves to garnish


  1. Using a food processor or blender, process strawberries and sugar until smooth. Strain and discard strawberry seeds.
  2. Spoon mousse among two 1-cup (250ml) capacity serving glasses. Layer each glass with custard and use a fork to swirl until lightly marbled. Top with strawberry mixture. Serve sprinkled with the raspberries and garnished with fresh mint.


TIPS: To hull strawberries, use a small, sharp knife held on an angle to cut a cone shape around the calyx (green stem).To store raspberries, spread the fruit on a plate lined with paper towel, then cover with plastic wrap. Place in the fridge and use as soon as possible.