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  • Trackers: Log your food, activity, sleep, water and weight loss, plus sync your smart scales and fitness trackers.
  • Barcode Scanner: Your companion for easy shopping - find the SmartPoints value for thousands of supermarket products.
  • Recipes: 5,500+ WW-approved recipes filtered by SmartPoints, dietary needs, prep time, and more.
  • Fitness: Audio and video workouts to follow plus equipment-free activities you can do anywhere.
  • Community: 24/7 Live Coaching from WW experts; plus our members-only social network, Connect.
  • Mindset: Shift your mindset with guided meditations by Headspace®.
Members who referred friends lost 29% more weight than those who didn't.^

Friends and WW Members Angie and Malou

Angie joined WW after her friend Malou recommended it and she's never looked back. "Malou really motivated me. When she reached her goal before me, she reminded me to remember what I'd already accomplished and supported me to keep going. When I reached goal weight and we both celebrated with a girls trip away!"

Angie lost 29kg and Malou 20kg

*Program Terms:

Invitation Instructions

Sign up for a 3-Month Plan through an invitation link to get your first month free.

First Month Free Offer Terms

Get your first month free when you purchase a 3-Month Plan through a current member’s invitation link. After your first month, you will be charged the standard monthly fee until completion of the 3-month period. Your plan will then auto-renew at the standard monthly rate until you cancel. For your friend to also be eligible for the free additional month, you must purchase your WW membership through their invitation link and continue the membership for at least 2 weeks. Must be 18 years or older and not a current member. This offer cannot be combined with other joining offers for new or rejoining members. NB: For Workshop + Digital plans, to ensure continuity of membership you will be charged 2 weeks in advance of the end of your first month.

Cancellation of memberships remains subject to the WW Cancellation & Refunds Policy accessible at here.

^Members' weight loss measured four weeks after referrals.