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24 August 2018
The Population Cost-Effectiveness of WW with General Practitioner Referral Compared with Standard Care

7th Jan 2018
The best and worst diets according to experts revealed

3rd Jan 2018
DJ Khaled named the new Weight Watchers ambassador

3rd Jan 2018
DJ Khaled Is The New Face Of 'Weight Watchers': "20 Pounds Down & Ready For More"

3rd Jan 2018
Wild Thoughts'for Weight Watchers

11th December 2017
'Protein-rich diets win tick of approval'

5th December 2017
'Weight Watchers' new program has 200 'zero-points' foods you can eat as much as you want - including eggs'

2nd November 2017
'Breast cancer survivor credits losing 30kg with helping save her life'

7th October 2017
'Weight Watchers’ new boss: "It’s about health, not weighing yourself"'

28th September 2017
'Breast cancer survivor credits losing 30kg with helping save her life'

13th August 2017
''I hated how I looked': Single mother, 36, loses a staggering 78 kilos in fourteen months with simple food swaps (and she still eats chocolate)'

4th August 2017
'Oprah Winfrey's 40-year weight loss struggle: Inside the billionaire star's ongoing quest for self-acceptance'

August 2017
'The secret to Oprah's weight loss - and you won't believe how easy it is'


22nd February 2017
'I weigh less than I did when I was 13!'


February 7th 2017
'This is how I finally lost 50kgs'

28th June 2017
'Top alternate recipes for fatty winter comfort foods'

26th June 2017
'The most inspiring before and after weight loss stories'

5th July 2017
'The World's Biggest Degustation hosted by Weight Watchers'

14th June 2017
'Weight Watchers unveils their best kept secret'

3rd July 2017
'I love food but sometimes it doesn't love me back'

2nd June 2017
'How does the CSIRO's new flexi diet rate?'

8th July 2017
'Tough mudder competitor lost 43.5kg in 14 months after multiple diet attempt fails'

11th May 2017
Lose Weight through Sensible and Sustainable Food Plans, Activities, and Global Support Groups of Weight Watchers Australasia [Interview] [Transcript]

4th August 2017
'Why Oprah Winfrey can't accept herself if she's "over 200 pounds"'

4th May 2017
'Give overweight patients a year of weight-loss classes, say researchers'

5th January 2017
'Thinking of trying Weight Watchers? Here's exactly how (and why) it works'




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