Have you tried these WW grilling tools?

Four tools to help you master the grill
Published August 4, 2021 | Updated November 3, 2022

Cooking on a grill is an excellent way to bring new flavours and creativity to your cooking routine. We know that grilling can be tricky or intimidating at first, but by equipping yourself with some helpful tools you can be a bbq master in no time.

We’ve rounded up 4 helpful WW grilling tools along with some great grilling recipes to try.

Taylor Digital Thermometer and Bottle Opener

Grill perfectly cooked meats every time with this handy digital thermometer and bottle opener.

Perfect for: People who are unsure about when grilled meat is ready to eat. Be sure to refer to the safe cooking temperature guidelines when you are grilling to confirm desired temperatures.

How to use: Unfold the probe and insert it into the food to check the temperature. Response time is eight seconds for a stable reading of food

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Cuisinart® Non-Stick Grilling Basket

Grill veggies galore and other delicate foods with this versatile grilling basket

Perfect for: People looking to expand their grilling menu with foods that are traditionally harder to grill like fish and veggies.

How to use: Fill the basket with your choice of food. Then push down on the top, locking the handle into place, and arrange the basket four inches away from the heat source for the duration of grilling time.

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Cuisinart® Sliding Skewers - Set of 4

Make grilling with skewers easier and keep your food from rolling or moving while you’re cooking.

Perfect for: People who have smaller grills and want to make the most of the space. A great reusable alternative to wooden skewers.

How to use: Load the skewers with a variety of foods and grill over any heat. When finished, use the easy sliding mechanism to push all cooked food off of the skewer.

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Shape+Store Burger Master

The Burger Master makes it easy to portion, store and freeze ground meats, fish or veggie mix.

Perfect for: People who are looking for an easier way to ensure proper portion sizes. Once portioned and frozen it is easy to remove meat as needed from the freezer to prepare homemade burgers that are ready to grill!

How to use: Separate compartments keep meat safe from freezer burn and prevents them from sticking together. Each tray holds approximately 2 pounds of ground meat, fish or vegetarian burger mix. Hex cutters do all the work for you, no need to ever touch the meat with your hands!

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