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2022 Healthy Life Awards Health Improvement finalist Belinda Pertot

Belinda lost 45kg over 2 years. Read her inspiring story about reducing her heath medications for high blood pressure and diabetes.
Published 25 May 2022 | Updated 25 September 2022

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Before WW I was so unhappy with myself, both physically and mentally. I had type 2 diabetes and was on 4 types of high blood pressure medication. My health was going downhill and my weight was getting worse. I ate to hide my feelings and didn't want to leave the house or interact with people, even family and friends.

I had a friend that had lost a bit of weight with WW so that was motivation to try the program. I also had lost 7kg on my own since my diabetes diagnosis, but couldn't seem to budge any more than that. I was also very worried and a little scared about my health and if I got COVID how I would get through it as I had so many health conditions that would affect my outcome.

The biggest health improvement is that I have reversed my type 2 diabetes. I am no longer on medication for diabetes and will be diet controlled for life, but my blood sugar levels are that of a non-diabetic person, even though I will carry the label of having/had diabetes, my body is processing everything as it should now.

My blood pressure medication is just 1 very small dose now, which my doctor said may eventually be down to none. That’s a big change being down from 4 different types. My mental health has improved 10 fold. I am now busier than I've ever been, meeting up with friends and family and helping other people. Doing things outside of my old life that I didn't know was possible before. My anxieties are so much lower and more manageable.

The WW program has helped me track and stay focused. It has also helped me keep on top of my water consumption and encouraged me to eat more veggies and balance my food choices. I have also started moving more to allow more Points into each day.

Refling on where I’m at now, I feel I wasn't living before. I am happy with myself, more mentally aware and in tune with my body. I am more confident in being able to manage my food choices and have the tools to keep my mental health in check. I no longer spend every other week at the doctor's as I don't have all my chronic health conditions that need constant monitoring.

The best thing I’ve learned is how to be kind to myself. I didn't know how to do this before. I’m very proud of losing 45kgs, being almost at goal and knowing how to manage what life has thrown at me. My best advice is to never give up, track everything, make time to reflect on your journey, read the awesome posts on Connect to help motivate you, take progress photos and again, never give up.