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Photo of Chicken, olive and couscous salad by WW

Chicken, olive and couscous salad

12 - 15
PersonalPoints™ per serving
Total Time
20 min
10 min
5 min
This couscous, chicken and olive salad is quick, filling and full of flavour


Salt reduced chicken stock

cup(s), (80ml)

Dry couscous

cup(s), (65g)

Chicken, lean breast, skinless, stewed or braised

100 g, cooked, shredded


1 cup(s), (30g)

Fresh lemon rind

2 tsp, finely grated

Green olives, drained

6 individual, chopped

Dried cranberries

1 tbs

Fresh red chilli

½ whole, seeded, thinly sliced

Balsamic dressing

1 tbs, fat-free


  1. Bring the stock to the boil in a saucepan over high heat. Remove from heat and stir in the couscous. Cover and set aside to stand for 3–5 minutes or until the liquid is absorbed. Use a fork to separate the grains.
  2. Combine the couscous, chicken, rocket, lemon rind, olives, cranberries, chilli and dressing in a bowl.


TIP: To serve 4 use 1⅓ cups (330ml) chicken stock, 1⅓ cups (265g) couscous, 400g cooked skinless chicken, 120g rocket, 1 tbs lemon rind, 1 cup (160g) olives, ⅓ cup (45g) dried cranberries, 2 long red chillies and ⅓ cup (80ml) dressing.