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  How do I get a Weight Watchers eTools access code?

At Meetings
In the Weight Watchers eTools Brochure
By Fax or Mail

The Weight Watchers eTools Brochure
Every Weight Watchers eTools brochure has a unique eTools access code. Weight Watchers eTools brochures are available in most Weight Watchers meetings throughout the US. Ask your leader or receptionist for a brochure and follow the sign-up instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a brochure at my meetings?
Yes, Weight Watchers eTools brochures are available in most US meetings locations. If a brochure is not available in your meeting, you can get the eTools access code by fax or mail.

My area carries Weight Watchers eTools brochures, but they are currently out of stock. What should I do?
Ask your leader or receptionist when they expect the next delivery of brochures in your meetings location. Or you can use the fax/mail-in option.

I have not joined meetings. Can I get Weight Watchers eTools?
No. Weight Watchers eTools is designed for meetings members. Click here to find meetings locations.


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