Do You Love Your Body?

Do You Love Your Body?
How does your shape size up — in your own mind, that is? For some helpful clues, take this eye-opening quiz.

How often do you compare your body shape with someone else's and feel like you come up short?


When you think about your body, your thoughts are mostly:


How often do you wish that your body looked different?


Which of the following statements most closely expresses how you feel about your body most of the time?


How do you usually feel about your body while being intimate with your partner?


How often do you avoid wearing certain clothes because you think they make you look fat?


When someone says, "You look great today," or "I love how you look in that outfit," your response most closely matches which of the following?


How often do you postpone doing something, such as hunting for a new job or shopping for clothes, until you lose weight?

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