Have You Fallen into the Diet-Food Trap?

Have You Fallen into the Diet-Food Trap?
Are you using up your PointsPlus™ values on diet food that's low in calories and fat, but low in nutritional benefits, too?

You're at the grocery store, determined to eat right. What guidelines do you follow?


You see a light version of one of your longtime favorite foods. What's the first thing you do?


At your favorite morning coffee shop, which are you most likely to pick?


Your grocer's ice cream aisle sometimes stresses you out. But you've managed to find some favorites that fit into your weight-loss plan, such as:


If you see something labeled "low-fat," it means:


When you look at a food label, your eyes gravitate toward the:


When it comes to fat, you prefer:


Think of your favorite "diet" fast-food option. Do you know how many PointsPlus values it's worth?

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