Winning Outcomes

Winning Outcomes
Winning Outcomes
Knowing what you really want is important when you're losing weight. In fact, setting a goal—the Winning Outcome—is a necessary first step toward making it happen.

Use our tips below to get started. Then review your Winning Outcome periodically to see if your goals have changed in any way; you can edit it at any time.

Create your own Winning Outcome.
Start by asking yourself what you really want. Remember to keep your Winning Outcome:

Positive: "I will get to my weight goal," not "I won't be heavy anymore."

Within your control: "I will achieve my weight goal by making healthy food choices" not "I will achieve my goal when my partner stops buying me candy."

Specific: "I will achieve my weight goal by keeping track of the food I eat."

A good fit with your life: Ask yourself: Does my Winning Outcome fit my life or the way I want my life to be?

Winning Outcome FAQ's

Q: When you're determining what you really want ...

A: Ask yourself, "What will that get me?" Be honest with yourself and clarify what you want. A specific, well-thought-out Winning Outcome will help you reach your weight-loss goal.

Q: Why does my Winning Outcome need to be stated in the positive?

A: If you state your Outcome in the negative, you'll be constantly reminding yourself what you don't want, and not necessarily what you do want. For example, if you tell yourself, "I don't want the couch there," that still doesn't tell you where you do want the couch. You'll arrive at your goal sooner if you stick with the positive.

Q: Why does my Winning Outcome need to be within my control?

A: If your Outcome relies on the actions of others, and "they" or "it" don't come through, you won't achieve it. For example, Robin knew she wanted to start exercising to support her weight-loss. The closest gym was over five miles away and Robin did not own a car. She would have had to rely on friends and family for rides to the gym. Therefore, the gym was not in her control. Instead Robin opted to invest in some inexpensive equipment to keep at home.

Why does my Winning Outcome need to be specific?

A: Answering the who, what, when and how of what you want will help you later to know whether or not you've succeeded. For example, "I (who) will follow the plan (what) this week (when) to lose weight." Because your Outcome is so specific and clear, later on you'll be able to ask yourself, "Did I do that?" and answer, "Yes!"

Q: Why does my Winning Outcome need to be a good fit with my life?

A: Your Winning Outcome will bring about changes in your life—your relationships, your career, your family. You must ask yourself: "Will I have to give up any of the positives in my life that come with the way things are now?" Then, "Am I willing to do that?" If not, how can you modify your Winning Outcome so it does fit with the way your life is, and with the way you want it to be?

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