Easter Menu: Brunch

Rise and shine with the season’s best ingredients.
Easter brunch

Invite friends and family over after the Easter egg hunt to enjoy a delicious Spring feast. Since most of the recipes are make-ahead, you can prep everything on Saturday and then add the finishing touches in the morning.

Stratas make an excellent breakfast or brunch, and they give you the perfect opportunity to use up leftover vegetables, lean meats and day-old bread.
wheatberry salad
A wonderful alternative to pasta salad. Wheat berries are very versatile: you can also use them in pilafs, hot cereal or homemade bread.
Mixed Greens with Vinaigrette
Great as is or add other vegetables, nuts, cheese, beans or other protein to round out your menu.
Cherry Scones
These scones are bursting with cherry goodness. They puff up when cooked and can be made in less than 30 minutes — start to finish.
Minted Citrus Salad
This refreshing fruit salad rounds off the menu.
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