Hungry Girl Goes to…A Coffee Shop!

Wondering what you can order for a guilt-free afternoon pick-me-up? HG navigates you through a java danger zone.
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HG's Top Eight Ways to Survive a Trip to the Coffee Shop

1. Skip the whip.
Whipped cream, while delicious, typically adds about 100 calories (most of those calories from fat!) to your beverage. It's so not worth it. Instead ask for some nonfat foam on top.

2. Sweeten it yourself.
Whenever possible, order your drinks unsweetened, and then add your favorite calorie-free sweetener.

3. Go skim.
Switching from regular or reduced-fat milk to skim or fat-free milk will typically save you dozens of calories and a bunch of fat grams. Do it!

4. Avoid the giant sizes.
There's no reason to order the most ginormous size they offer up at your favorite coffee place. Order the smallest one to be extra-safe.

5. Live without the cakes and muffins.
As tempting as they are, steer clear of those cakes, cookies, muffins and scones. Even the low-fat ones can have hundreds and hundreds of calories (and WAY too many PointsPlus values). No thanks!

6. Sugar-free syrups ROCK!
Want to add pizzazz to hot and cold drinks without adding calories? Ask for a pump (or two) of sugar-free syrup to be added to your beverage.

7. Check up on those flavored coffees.
Make sure you ask if your flavored coffee is made from flavored coffee beans (typically free of calories), or if the flavoring is added later (possibly flavored with sugary syrups or powders).

8. Do your homework.
Most coffee chains have Web sites that contain detailed nutritional info. Check those out beforehand so you know what you're getting into—and decide what you're going to order before you go.

Make your own drinks—save money and calories. Here are some must-haves…

5 Must-Have Items for Coffee Lovers to Keep at Home
  • Instant coffee: It’s nice and easy
  • Coffee-mate powders in sugar-free and fat-free varieties: Just one teaspoon adds flavor and creaminess
  • Fat-Free Reddi-wip: So good and guilt-free
  • Torani sugar-free syrups: The best sugar-free syrups out there—in my opinion—and they come in a slew of great flavors
  • Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze: This almond milk is delicious and it has half the calories of skim milk

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