General Connect Ground Rules

Before diving in, check out our Connect dos and don'ts.

Welcome! We're so glad you've decided to participate in Connect. This is your Community, so please keep it friendly and safe. By participating, you're agreeing to observe all of our Standards and Conduct Guidelines, which are part of our Terms and Conditions. We've highlighted a few of our important rules as a reminder:

General Connect rules

  1. BE COURTEOUS AND TOLERANT. Please be tolerant of everyone you meet, even if you disagree with their opinions remember we’re all in it together. Don't use language that is threatening, abusive, harassing, hateful or racially or ethnically objectionable.

  2. KEEP IT CLEAN. Posts that contain vulgar or obscene language (including acronyms and slang) will be removed from Connect. Please keep photos tasteful, and don’t link to websites that violate any of these guidelines.

  3. DON'T ADVERTISE OR SPAM THE COMMUNITY. Please help keep our community commercial free. Don’t post or link to unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or promotional items, including promoting a home business, charity drives or items for auction, etc.

  4. DON'T POST INFORMATION COPYRIGHTED BY OTHERS. Information copyrighted or owned by others, including Weight Watchers®, should not be posted in our Community. Please be aware that if you post any copyrighted information, you will be held responsible. is not responsible for any posts that violate copyright laws. Copyrighted information may include content from another website or our subscriber-only areas, a recipe from a book, images, and Intellectual Property (such as SmartPoints® values of foods, recipes or activities and exclusive details about our food plans).

  5. DON’T POST INFORMATION THAT VIOLATES THE PRIVACY OF OTHERS. Please be mindful of the privacy of others and don’t post anything that reveals someone’s personal information or that features other people without their consent.

  6. REPORTING A VIOLATION. If you see a post or comment that violates any of our rules, please help by clicking on the "Report Inappropriate" link under Post Actions, this will alert the Weight Watchers team. Please don’t report posts based on the identity of individuals, only on the actual content of their post or profile. Our team will not take sides of a conflict and will only act on specific violations.

    If you fail to observe our Community Standards and Conduct Guidelines, we may terminate your participation in Connect. (See our full Terms and Conditions for more detail.) and reserve the right to remove any posts or comments on Connect.

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