Odor-Resistant Workout Clothes

Make soppy, sweaty exercise gear that reeks a thing of the past with these cutting-edge clothes
Odor Resistant Workout Clothes
Vector Crew

Reebok Vector Crew ($30)

right Rbk shorts

Reebok Play Dry Shorts ($45)

How many times have you cut a workout short because your shirt was soaked? Perhaps you've even skipped exercise because your gym gear was smelly from a previous workout.

If you've ever wished that your T-shirt and shorts would stay fresher, your time has come. Several companies have developed fibers with built-in sweat and odor control. Unlike some polyester workout clothes that stay dry but absorb smells, odors won't develop in these shirts, shorts and socks.

Microscopic amounts of silver or ceramics are woven into the fabrics, creating fibers that are naturally antimicrobial. Because odor-causing microbes can't get a foothold, you could even skip a laundering and the gear would smell fresh.

The fabrics are engineered to manage moisture. Adidas's X-Static® sports performance items use thermally conductive silver to transfer heat from the inside of the garment to the outside, so you won't feel damp. And Reebok has Play Dry® line of gear is made of polyester that wicks moisture away from the body.

For bicycling, consider Pearl Izumi's Veer Cycling Shorts ($85) and UltraSensor Spandex shorts ($90), which utilize natural silver antimicrobial treatment in chamois to reduces bacteria.

There are also antimocrobial athletic and running socks, including the Brooks HVAC Glycerin X-static® socks ($18) and Pearl Izumi's X-Static Racing socks ($12).

The antimicrobial effects won't wash out of the treated sportswear; lab tests showed no reduction in anti-odor effectiveness after 250 washings. And because the treatments aren't chemically based, nothing can rub off to irritate your skin—or the environment.

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