See What's New on the Weight Watchers Website!

We've enhanced the site with new tools and improved user experience. Here are a few things you should look out for.
See Whats New on the Weight Watchers Website
Weight Tracker
You'll be able to change your start weight without contacting customer service.

The Plan Section
The Plan has been updated to give you even more information throughout every stage of weight loss—accommodating individual needs and challenges. Plus there's a new section on Using the Site.

Plan Manager
We've added a Steps Tracker to Plan Manager and updated Find and Explore

  • Addition of steps tracker
  • Addition of activities in Find and Explore
  • Addition of hundreds of new activities including many popular videos and DVDs
  • Improved Find and Explore for food

We have added some great new features to our fitness section so you'll have no excuse not to get up and move, we've added:

  • More than 100 video demos
  • New video workouts
  • Cardio plans for running, walking, elliptical, swimming and biking
  • Fun energy boost videos that can be done in front of the computer

Food and Recipes Section
Our food and recipes section with:

  • New sections with helpful information on Shopping and Ingredients and Eating Out
  • Seasonal Spotlight, that highlights food content relevant to you and the holidays and highlights of each season
  • Bigger images on our recipes
We've got tons of new FAQs on a wide range of topics.

Please Note
Whenever changes are made on, it is a good practice to clear your browser's cache of Temporary Internet Files, as well as cookies associated with our website. This avoids any conflicts between new content and any files saved on your computer from previous visits. You may also need to re-establish Automatic Login if you use this feature. For optimal performance, please be sure the latest version of Flash is installed on your computer. Instructions on all of this can be found in the new Help section.

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